<p>The Empire Hill Climb will take place on September 14th, 2019.</p>
<p>Entries: The Empire Hill Climb will have a total of 40 entries. 30 Entries will be first come first served of those who registered through motorsports.reg after the regular entry period is opened. The remaining 10 entries will be designated at the discretion of the Empire Hill Climb committee. Those 10 selected entries will be announced five weeks prior to the event. Entrants will be notified by email, and posted on the entry list available online. If there are entrants remaining on the wait list after final selections, they will be notified of their position on the wait list and will be entered in order pending any cancellations or withdrawals.</p>
<h2>2019 Empire Hill Climb, presented by Auto Week Schedule</h2>
<p>Time Event<br />Friday: <br />6PM-8:30PM Tech Inspection<br />6PM-8:30PM Volunteer Check In</p>
<p>Saturday: <br />7AM Tech Inspection (By Appointment)<br />8AM-8:30 Registration For competitors and workers<br />830AM Volunteer Meeting<br />8 AM-9AM Parc Expose/Car Show<br />8AM Open Spectator Parking<br />9AM-6PM Wilco Road Closed<br />9:00-9:30 Drivers Meeting<br />10AM START TIMED RUNS!!!<br />12:30 LUNCH!!!<br />130PM Start afternoon Timed Runs<br />530PM Complete Timed Runs<br />6PM Course/Pit Area Clean Up</p>